The Living Arts

Childhood is a valid and authentic time unto itself. At Green Gate, we believe young children learn best in an atmosphere rich in relationship, play, and the activities of daily life. Our teachers use a variety of daily experiences such as baking, gardening, art, music and story, what we call The "Living Arts"  to help children build a strong foundation for success in school and in life. 

Creative Expression

  • Children demonstrate their creativity through drawing, coloring, painting, singing, and dancing.

  • Children are encouraged to display their individuality by expressing their ideas, feelings, and preferences.

Nurturing Rhythms & Routines

  • Children are provided nourishing home-cooked snacks and meals, outdoor time in nature, prayers, bible stories & songs, and a daily rest time for full day students.

  • Relationship-based care is nurtured by maintaining a consistent teacher over several years.

Practical Activity

  • Children find joy in the practical and meaningful activities of daily life.

  • Children observe and participate in sorting and folding, cooking, cleaning, repairing, gardening, and caring for animals.

Social Ability

  • Children learn important social skills through a mixed-age learning environment.

  • Children practice the concepts of leadership, empathy, kindness, turn-taking, caring, and problem-solving through their daily interactions.

  Green Gate Children's School

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