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Our curriculum is centered around three main themes: Me and My Community, Science and Nature, and Ecosystems around the World. As children move through their days, we incorporate hands-on, play-based developmental learning activities including literature lessons, vocabulary and phonemic awareness activities, science experiments, history and geography projects, math connections, art & sensory experiences, and nature explorations. Our daily rhythm and routines guide children through meaningful living and learning experiences in a way that feels very natural to them.



These rich and diverse experiences help each child deepen their sense of self, make healthy life choices, build compassion for others, become stewards of their environment, and think creatively and critically.


The Living Arts

At Green Gate, we believe young children learn best in a home-like atmosphere rich in relationship, play, and the activities of daily life. Our program provides experiences in the "Living Arts" which help children build a strong foundation for success in school and in life. 

Creative Expression

Painting Eggs
  • Children demonstrate their creativity through drawing, coloring, painting, singing, and dancing.

  • Children are encouraged to display their individuality by expressing their ideas, feelings, and preferences.

Social Ability

nature field.jpg
  • Children learn important social skills through a mixed-age learning environment.

  • Children practice the concepts of leadership, empathy, kindness, turn-taking, caring, and problem-solving through their daily interactions.

Practical Activity

Chicken Farm
  • Children find joy in the practical and meaningful activities of daily life.

  • Children observe and participate in sorting and folding, cooking, cleaning, repairing, gardening, and caring for animals.

Nurturing Rhythms & Routines

Kids in Vegetable Farm
  • Children are provided nourishing home-cooked snacks and meals, outdoor time in nature, prayers, bible stories & songs, and a daily rest time for full day students.

  • Relationship-based care is nurtured by maintaining a consistent teacher over several years.

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