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Our Mission & Purpose

Our mission is to provide a "place for childhood" where each child's creative spirit and intellect are nurtured. We seek to inspire each student to find his or her God-given calling and navigate their life with courage, character, and purpose.


At Green Gate, our desire is for every child to learn to be kind and compassionate individuals as they broaden their understanding and learn about the world around them.  We encourage independent thinking, creativity, and curiosity, as these skills lay the foundation for lifelong learning. We believe these are the most critical experiences children can have in order to be happy and successful in school and in life!  

Our Philosophy

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We Believe...

  • Relationship-Based Education  Children grow and learn best when they are safe and valued, their physical needs are met, and they feel emotionally secure. We form authentic relationships and respect the time, space, materials, and creative process of every individual. By forming meaningful relationships with children and families, children experience a connection between their home and school environments.

  • Natural Development A child’s developments—personal/spiritual, social/emotional, and cognitive/intellectual—are closely related. Because of this relationship, learning experiences are organized in natural ways which encourage students to make meaningful connections across domains. ​We encourage independent thinking and decision making as we guide children in taking ownership of their own behavior and education. 

  • Family-Centered Schooling Green Gate provides a family-centered learning environment so students can make academic gains more effectively, have ample time outdoors, and have the time and space to pursue their own interest projects and passions. We do not assign homework, thus relieving stress on the family, leaving evenings free for sports, extra-curricular activities, family dinners, and unstructured playtime.

  • Learning through PLAY & Collaboration Children are active and social learners. Play gives children opportunities to understand their world, interact with others in social ways, express and control emotions, practice new skills, attempt challenging tasks, and solve complex problems. Students are given the time and space for curiosity, playfulness, socialization, planning, and reflection. 

  • Regular Experiences in Nature Children of all ages benefit from regular outdoor play experiences in nature. Time outdoors stimulates creativity, boosts problem solving and cognitive skills, provides a multitude of sensory experiences and opportunities for social/emotional growth, builds strong coordinated bodies, and fosters curiosity and a sense of awe and wonder about the natural world. Children who spend ample time exploring the natural world develop a connection to and love of nature that continues into adulthood.

  • Enduring Purpose God has a unique plan and purpose for every child and family who walks through our doors. We invite students to know God, understand the love He has for them, and stand alongside them as they begin to identify and pursue their life's calling with courage, character, and purpose. 

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A Collaborative, Nature & Play-Based School for Children in Preschool-8th Grade

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