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We value authentic and meaningful assessment for the purpose of determining the growth and development of each child as an individual. Rather than recording grades, taking standardized tests, and issuing report cards, we focus on providing authentic learning experiences to support and challenge each child on their learning journey. 

Learning Outcomes

Education should reflect the growth and development of the whole child- personally, socially, and intellectually. We use the Learning Outcomes Inventory, a set of 20 competency-based benchmarks, as our guide for living and learning at Green Gate.



Student Work Plans & Lesson Packets

Students keep track of their daily lessons, class participation, and related materials every day on their weekly work plan sheets. Work Plans provide students with a place to set goals and record their progress and accomplishments. At the end of the week, students take their work plans and completed lesson packets home to share with their family. 

Student Work Plans & Lesson Packets: 

  • Promote student reflection and self-evaluation.

  • Measure performance based on individual student goals and work samples.

  • Give students the opportunity to take ownership of the learning process.

  • Provide families insight into what their child is learning each week.


Conference Showcases

Twice a year (Fall & Spring), we share our learning during  Conference Showcases. Students prepare for the event by inviting parents, creating displays, planning for refreshments, and creating a celebratory environment to showcase their growth and learning. This provides students with an authentic context for which to present their learning to others, giving their hard work "shareable value."

Girls Studying
Excited Children in Science Class

A Collaborative, Nature & Play-Based School for Children in Preschool-8th Grade

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